Compuprint Announces The Continued Distribution Of The Popular 4247 Dot Matrix Printers Product Line
(former InfoPrint 4247-L03, 4247-X03 and 4247-Z03 dot matrix printers)

  • Leinì - November, 2011

    COMPUPRINT srl, worldwide leader in printing solutions, announced today the release of the Compuprint 4247 models L03, X03 and Z03. These models are identical to the current InfoPrint 4247 models in the market today, ensuring customers a seamless continuity of supply.
    Customers can continue to use their existing channels to purchase the Compuprint 4247. The same quality and features of the popular 4247 models will be available on January 1st, 2012.

    Compuprint reached an agreement with Ricoh for the continued use of the recognized 4247 brand.
    "This is an important step for our companies and expands our long term relationship" said Fernando Fiore, Compuprint Sales and Marketing Director; "this agreement will allow all current Infoprint Solutions and Ricoh chanel partners direct access to products showing both Ricoh and Compuprint willingness sustaining customers' needs for high end professional dot matrix products. With our competence of product research and development, we expect to grow our market share by leveraging our experience, willingness to provide unique engineering solutions and focusing on niches where we truly know that our product is superior in its quality, capability and values" concluded Fiore.

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    About Compuprint

    Compuprint is leader in the development and manufacturing of printing solutions for professional, industrial and transactional front office applications.
    A printer company with its historical brand resulting by 40 years history of the printer division from General Electric, Honeywell and Bull Group with millions of products installed. Today, Compuprint belongs to GDS Group (Italy) and carries on the business of high end dot matrix, transactional and thermal printers for the group and guarantees to meet the specific demands of the respective target markets.
    Innovative solutions places Compuprint at higher level on the market with products extremely fast, reliable and with low costs of ownership for industry, logistics, banks, financial institution, post offices environments.

    Compuprint's headquarter is located in Leinì (Italy).

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