COMPUPRINT at CeBIT 2017 March 20-24 , 2017 HANNOVER

  • Cebit - Hall 3  Stand G02

    COMPUPRINT srl is an Italian well-known manufacturer of transactional printers, scanner, high-end serial dot matrix printers and thermal printers since almost 40 years. It is located near Turin. Compuprint belongs to GDS Group (Italy) develops and distributes solutions for banking houses, commerce, industry and the health sector. Innovative solutions places Compuprint at higher level on the market with products extremely fast, reliable and with low costs of ownership.

    COMPUPRINT srl, the GDS Group Company active in Information Technology sector, confirms and reinforce its presence in the printing applications market with the product’s lines on Serial Dot Matrix, Transactional /Multifunction and Thermal labeling that will be showed at CeBIT – March 20-24, 2017.

    At our booth (Hall 3 Stand G02) we are proud to present at CeBIT the most innovative product on the market : the new Transactional Scanning Printer TSP40Plus which will represent a unique combination “All in one” between check reader, A4 scanner, passbook printer with an Integrated Automatic Document Feeder.

    We are also glad to present at our booth SPK40 Plus the new family of Compuprint Self Service Kiosks for passbook updating. SPK40 Plus is a PC based terminal to allow customers to utilize confortable service of passbook updatation. SPK40Plus is offered in desktop and floor standing version that is available also with a suitable display 15,6” LCD touch screen.

    Compuprint also offers other "unbeatable products" :

    We are glade to announce the evolution of the historical Serial Dot Matrix 9000-10000 and 4247 families with the new plus version, the highest product's performance in terms of speed, productivity today present on the market and now fully equipped in terms of connectivity with the 4 most common interfaces Ethernet, USB, parallel, and serial as standard.

    The SP40plus family, the truly “state of the art” product for transactional solutions. With its innovative green technology like a display which is switched off in standby it offers real low cost of ownership for the users. This product is the ideal and advanced solution for current banking requirements as document electronic management and storing, cheque truncation and all electronic banking transactions.

    To meet the needs of a mobile society, we have enhanced our thermal printer family Compuprint 6000 by two new mobile printers:

    Compuprint 6110 and Compuprint 6210

    The two thermal direct printers are meant to print receipts of up to 2 inches (6110) and 3 inches (6210). Their bluetooth interface permits the user to print receipts wireless from his smartphone. The wired connection is guarantieed by USB 2.0.

    Our successful desktop and industrial label printer models Compuprint 6214, 6414 Plus and 6416 complete Compuprint´s offer of thermal printing solutions.

    In our booth you will see also the Compuprint Mobile Printing Router Ai5, to get your carbon copies directly from your mobile phone. Compuprint developped with smart engineers from a German printing solution provider a wireless solution for the compact dot matrix printer models Compuprint SP40plus-LAN and SP40plus-Tractor.

    We are looking forward to welcoming you at our booth to understand your needs and to show our products and underline the continue efforts of Compuprint in developing new solutions for your printing requirements.

    All these innovations contributes to the conscious reduction of environmental impact by offering environmentally friendly benefits.

TSP40Plus Compuprint  SP40plus Compuprint 4247X03 Compuprint  SP40plus 6110 6110

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