Compuprint launchs new Portable Thermal printer 6210

  • Portable Barcode Label printer for mobile applications

    Caselle Torinese, Italy December 2015

    Compuprint announces the launch of a new model of the thermal product line.

    - Compuprint 6210

    The Compuprint 6210 is a portable thermal printer that allows business to quickly print receipts and tickets in all environements.
    Using Compuprint 6210 users are able to print receipts , tickets , coupon and labels almost anywhere , directly from tablet PCs and other mobile devices.
    Available with resolution of 203 dpi, this new Compuprint model offer thermal printing solutions that meet the most mobile demanding needs of retails , warehouse , forwarding and and logistics operations.
    Standard connectivity interface includes USB 2.0, Serial Port and Bluetooth 2.1 that associated to the High battery capacity allows Compuprint 6210 to print over 3000 labels. Compuprint 6210 is available from stock immediately.

    Ordering information:

    PRT6210 - Compuprint 6210 USB – Serial - Bluetooth

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