COMPUPRINT at CeBIT 2013 March 5-9 , 2013 HANNOVER

  • Cebit - Hall 12 Stand C05

    COMPUPRINT srl, the GDS Group Company active in Information Technology sector, confirms and reinforce its presence in the printing applications market with the product’s lines on Transactional/Multifunction, Serial Dot Matrx and Thermal labelling that will be showed at the CeBIT – March 5 - 9 , 2013.

    We will glad and wait to have you in our booth to show our products and demostrate the continue efforts of Compuprint in developing new solutions for your printing requirements.

    In our booth (Hall 12 Stand C05) we are proud to show the truly "state of the art" product for transactional solutions, the new SP40plus which with its innovative technology offers the lowest cost of ownership for the users with ribbon life of more than 16 million characters which means long printing time and the long life print head of more than 400 million characters assures high reliability. Additional improvement on new SP40plus is to reduce the power consumption at a value less than 3 W to comply with Energy Star rules.

    It will be also presented a unique SP40 Plus option: the integrated Financial A4 scanner and Check reader!

    All these innovations contributes to the conscious reduction of environmental impact by offering environmentally friendly benefits.

    This product is the ideal and advanced solution for the emerging banking requirement as document electronic management and storing, cheque truncation and all electronic banking transactions. Compact and reliable, SP40plus Multifuncion model allows to eliminate the present devices used at banking front office (cheque reader, scanner) including all of them in a All-in-One product. A model with rear tractor is also available to manage fanfold paper. A wide offer of interfaces including also the built-in Ethernet 10/100 for a complete networking environment.

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    Comupuprint will also show the Compuprint 9050 the entry level of this family cable to print up to 500cps and 500 PPH.

    Compuprint will also show other "best in the market" printing solutions: the Compuprint 4247-L03, 4247-X03 and 4247-Z03.
    These models are identical to the former InfoPrint 4247 models in the market today, ensuring customers a seamless continuity of supply.
    Customers can continue to use their existing channels to purchase the Compuprint 4247.
    The same quality and features of the popular 4247 models are available from January 1st, 2012.

    Compuprint reached an agreement with Ricoh for the continued use of the well recognized 4247 brand.

    The 6314-6414 Thermal printers, dedicated to labelling and barcode applications in logistic, manufacturing and distribution, completes the Compuprint offer.

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