Sferal Sferal WWT launches new Dot Matrix Compuprint 3000 Series specialized for office and logistic applications

  • Caluso, Italy February 2009

    Sferal WWT announces new Dot Matrix models of Compuprint 3000 Series:

  • Compuprint 3046
  • Compuprint 3046N
  • Compuprint 3056
  • Compuprint 3056N

All above models are the evolution of the entry line now covered by the 4000 series, which gained successful results in worldwide industrial applications. The new models will complete the range and improve Compuprint’s leadership in the Dot Matrix printers’ technology.

The new Compuprint 3000 series, models 136 columns with 24 pins printhead, offers a maximum printing speed from 400 up to 500 cps, full connectivity including USB and LAN, all of them in a new pleasant cover look with a complete operator panel for better operability.

Further to above characteristics Compuprint 3000 series includes several paper paths for fanfold and cut sheet up to A3 size, copies capability, easy of use and emulations offering unbeatable print performance level thanks to reliable electronic and mechanical solutions.

Compuprint 3000 models are suitable for any printing environment, from office/industry to logistic and thanks to their ruggedness can be used in harsh environments.

Ivan Gemma, Sferal WWT Marketing Director says “ The introduction of these new printers is a further step in the Compuprint leadership on printing applications. These new products are essential in today’s printing market for logistic and industrial/office, combining performance and quality at a competitive price level

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